Fittan frågar ♥Altercation♥

We met Altercation during Stockholm Pride 2011. She shared stories with us and the rest of the group that moved us in one way or another. Open, beautiful, honest, bold, cunty (the feminine of cocky), loving; that’s how I would describe her.

She taught us how to dance with our pussies that evening. And for us stiff Swedes that meant shaking things we didn’t know could shake. “Pop the pussy” she screamed – and pop it we did! We looked ridiculous, we didn’t care and we loved it! But she also sat down and shared with us the story behind what we were about to learn.

She told us about this particular dance style, the history of it. The pain, the powerlessness, the sadness of its history. And the resistance, the strength, the power which is also its history. Dancing to Altercation, I think, is freedom and happiness, resistance and equality. But it can only be this if we understand its history and turn it around.

Below you can read our interview with her. And a word on the way:  whenever you feel a bit down or angry, try screaming in your head “POP THAT PUSSY” and you’ll get some new energy and anger!

Do you feel that it’s important to talk about the pussy?
Absolutely, it’s very important. One of the main problems that I think women are facing is not being able to talk about the pussy, and it being considered wrong to talk about. It’s important to talk about any part of the body and to maintain it’s health, and just have openness, so absolutely.

Whats your favorite word, or what word do you like to use…
I actually do prefer, I love the word pussy, I think it’s very soft and nice sounding, you know.

Pussy is also considered negative?
It’s considered dirty slang. Some friends of mine didn’t want to teach their little girl a fake word like pee-pee or anything like that, and they don’t like vagina, it’s pussy! So then she started to use the word pussy, and they were like; whoops!

Do you have a word for penis but for small boys?

So it’s wee-wee and pee-pee?
I don’t know what they called it when I was a little kid, we didn’t call it anything (laughs).

Would you like to share a nice,  or a bad pussy related memory?
One of my memories, it’s kind of funny. It was with my first wife and the first time I ejaculated with somebody, so I didn’t even know what happened, and she didn’t know what happened. And I kicked her out and said “You have to go!”, but then later we figured out that it was good, you know.

I hadn’t shared that with anybody, because I hadn’t let go with anybody, so I wasn’t really sure what had happened. She went over to her friends house and she was like “I don’t know what happened”, and her friend was like”This is what happened; she ejaculated”. So she came back and was like “Let me in, don’t be scared!”. (Laughs). “You didn’t pee on me!”. (Laughs even more).

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