The Vagine Regime: A Documentary Where Vaginas Collide

Kolla in detta – ett dokumentärfilmsprojekt som nu har uppnått sitt mål för finansiering och som kan bli av! Kommer att bli en sjukt bra och viktig dokumentär.

The Vagine Regime is a feature-length documentary about lesbian, bisexual and transgender roller derby skaters.

In the early 2000’s the amateur revival of women’s roller derby was sparked in Austin, TX. There are now hundreds of leagues spanning the globe with thousands of women working to legitimize the sport. One of the more unique aspects of modern roller derby is that the current model is designed by the skaters and for the skaters, where the women who skate also manage their league businesses, build their own brand and produce their skating events. The result of this DIY attitude and the necessity of recruitment has resulted in a very diverse and welcoming community.

It is often thought by many outsiders that lesbians make up a large percentage of roller derby skaters. However, this is not the reality and like in so many other facets of our society, lesbians and queer individuals are left looking for their counterparts within the roller derby world. The creation of the Vagine Regime in 2005 made that search much easier. The Vagine Regime is a collective of queer roller derby players from around the world. What started out as a social media page quickly grew into a community that supports all colors of the LGBT rainbow. The girls set up and play roller derby bouts, throw parties, promote LGBT rights around the world and provide a community that supports derby girls, their sexualities and gender identities.

With rampant homophobic practices existing in much of the athletic world, roller derby is a welcoming and supportive place for the Vagine Regime to set up a platform of promoting lesbian athleticism and queer acceptance. Lesbian skaters across the world are able to belong to a community that not only allows them to be queer but also celebrates it. The recent implementation of a liberal transgender policy has now opened that door of acceptance to trans skaters leaving roller derby as one of the most supportive and accepting organized sports with regard to the LGBT community.

As roller derby venues continue grow upwards of 4,000 to 7,000 fans, so will the impact that roller derby has on the rest of world. As athletes, lesbians, and filmmakers we want to document this corner of the civil rights movement as it unfolds. We want to showcase the diversity that exists in all parts of society but that is celebrated by the Vagine Regime. Where openly straight, lesbian, bisexual and trans individuals are all signing autographs for fans together.

We are embarking on a mission to raise film production costs for the 2013 season. As lesbians AND roller derby players we promise to bring you an authentic and raucous good film. Please donate what you can!

Hearts and Vaginas,

Go-Go Gidget & Injure Rogers



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